Balkans Partners Inc.

Is a non-profit organization established to provide help to the church of Jesus Christ in the Balkans and especially in Kosovo. At present we are working with one congregation, 

“Mission Kosovo Fellowship”, located in Gjakova, Kosovo.Map-Balkans

Friends have provided rent money,  bibles for distribution, winter fuel, training for church members, travel for believers in the U.S. to observe the work and to minister there, and for Pastor Skender to visit churches in the U.S. to share his vision and work. Projectors, chairs, etc., needed for the worship center have also been given, as well as a car for the pastor’s use. We have found room, board, tuition and other expenses for two young women to complete a college education in the U.S. Current projects include:

  •             Rent and winter fuel
  •             English course scholarships
  •             Room, board and other college expenses for Argolida Kela.                (She is in her final year at Moody Bible Institute).

Supporting Christ's Church in Kosovo and the Balkans