Cracked bone healed from the Lord.

unnamedBlediar Kela is a 6 year-old child that lives in our neighborhood. His two older sisters attend our church; both are Christians and love Jesus Christ. His family is Muslim in background.

Blediar broke his leg when he was hit by a different child with bicycle about three weeks before he and his family were to go to the church’s summer camp for families. He was sent to the doctor to be examined and the doctor treated him, but the problem recurred again one week before camp. The bone had cracked again where he broke it. He went again to the doctor and was treated again, and he was told to not step on the leg for 30 days. Because Blediar’s parents had applied for the camp, they took Blediar with him.

On the second day of camp in the morning meeting, Dr. Robert Primrose spoke on prayer as he had on the first day, and then we prayed for people that needed prayer. Blediar told his mom Valinda that he wanted us specifically to pray for him, so his mom brought him forward and one of the friends that came from USA, Brian Primrose– nephew of Dr.Primrose– prayed for his leg to be healed. A day later we noticed him being stepping on the leg though the doctor said to not do it. However, Blediar still feared to release his weight on it completely because of what happened to him before when the bone cracked.

Right after camp I was asked by Brian how Blediar was, and I had this answer for him.

Watch here and see the answer.