Church Support

An ongoing need for the church in Gjakova is rent because the church does not own a building. The pastor and his family live in the house in which the church also holds its people who gather in the home building for fellowship, meetings, English Courses and other activities that take place in the church. Another need is also winter fuel and fire wood. The cost for firewood currently is $500 for the season, and rent and utilities are $500 per month. Firewood must be purchased in the summer in order to have it for the winter. 

Even though some friends have been giving towards these below needs, the need is ongoing because of the expand within the church body.
Bibles and Christian literature support in Albanian which is very important because of the lack of it in a country like Kosovo and the Balkans.
Summer Camps – The need to separate the people from the atmosphere where they live to teach and train them is very important. The benefit of these summer camps has been solid Bible training, strong fellowship and meeting between the church groups that we get in these camps. We have had also a harvest in the camp because sometimes  we get a fair amount of unbelievers.
English Courses  have been a very powerful tool to reach out to the youth and their parents. Making new friendships and touching a need in community something that the church feels from God – it has to be done. English Course has expanses that students cannot cover because of the economy in this country, therefore Balkans Partners has been giving to them scholarships by paying their class expanses. We need families who will take over and adopt a student or more and support him/her in a monthly bases. This will help Pastor Skender to cover the English Course expanses: pencil, notebooks, print and paper. 

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Supporting Christ's Church in Kosovo and the Balkans