Get Involved

There are many ways how you can get involved in the work of God through Balkans Partner

  • You can pray, prayers are appreciated for the ministries/church plants/pastors/projects we support in Balkans. Click for more
  • You can give on monthly basis

You can help us in by giving in monthly basis to reach out to Muslim communities in Balkans.

  • You can be a fundraiser

If you are in church and you know people that are able to help, raise awareness, and raise support, supporting a church plant, supporting a pastor, or be a part of one of the projects in Kosovo we love to hear from you, and we love to work with you. Click for more

  •    Support a project

You can take a small project on your own and do it, and want to arrange a trip and help implementing a project, (projects that are less than 1000$ or more than 1000$). Contact Balkans Partners for we have projects currently needing funding.

  • Education Project

You can give for training of young people in English as Second Language. Cost for each student is $20.00 per month. We will provide information on the student, you agree to support monthly so he/she can enroll in the course which offered by the church to community and is taught at the church in Gjakova, Kosovo.



Supporting Christ's Church in Kosovo and the Balkans