Team UP&Visit

There currently are a limited number of openings for short term volunteers to work with pastors in the Balkan states through Balkans Partners. Volunteers need some specific way in which they can contribute to the work of Christ’s church while they are on assignment.


To that end, they should contact Balkans Partners to discuss how they might best serve, and when discussions have progressed to that point, they would talk with a pastor in the Balkans to refine their assignment.
A form is attached that prospective volunteers should complete and submit to Balkans Partners.

Missionappform- PDF Version
Missionappform- WordVersion

Short term assignments in the past have included teaching at youth camp,  providing instruction in use of computer software for media editing, doing drama and dance for youth gatherings, etc.. In most cases, Balkans Partners would need to see video of past presentations, or see the reviews of those who have seen the prospective volunteers’ work in the past. 

In every case, volunteers are responsible to find the funds for their travel and maintenance on site while in the Balkans, and they should have the endorsement of their home church and pastor for the assignment.  Click here to read more

Individuals in the teams are also responsible to leave a certain amount of support as a means to help the church. Therefore they will be able to to bless and contribute to the church in Kosovo / Balkans financially.

Supporting Christ's Church in Kosovo and the Balkans